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The Board of Latino Legislative Leaders (BLLL) is a national, bi-partisan, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization comprised of Latino state legislative leaders. The BLLL was formed in 2004 as the Board of Hispanic Caucus Chairs. The organization was born of a conversation between a group of prominent Latino state legislators from California, Florida, New York, and Texas who came together to discuss strategies for addressing the many problems facing Latino communities across the nation. In their discussions, the group recognized the important role that Latino state legislative caucuses have in addressing these challenges. With this in mind, the founding members decided to form a national organization to serve the country’s growing Latino state legislative caucuses and the Latino legislative leaders from these states. 

What started as informal gatherings of fellow legislators to advance the Hispanic community has progressed and impacted public policy across the entire nation. Now we’re working together, with a clear agenda, on important priorities such as economic opportunity, health care, education, and more. This groundbreaking assembly set clear, bold goals to support the work of Latino state legislative leaders nationwide, foster the next generation of Latino legislative leaders, and serve as a catalyst for effective and coordinated policy decisions. We advance our mission by strengthening current Latino state legislative caucuses, helping create new caucuses in states with growing Latino populations, and acting as the frontline resource for our network of Latino legislative caucuses across the country. 

The BLLL is also home to several sub-organizations that allow the organization to pursue its mission and are critical to expanding the reach, impact, and services provided by the BLLL. These include the Council of Latino Caucus Chairs (CLCC), Business Advisory Council (BAC), and the Latina State Legislative Caucus (LSLC). 

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