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The foundation of the work of the BLLL is in the programming and events that we facilitate throughout the year.  These include quarterly conference calls, regional meetings and issue forums. The annual programming is anchored by the BLLL Leadership Summit and the BLLL Annual Legislative and Policy Conference. These two events are the main gathering of our Latino state legislative caucus members and our organizational partners for the advancement of our work of the year.


The BLLL Leadership Summit is the principal summer event for the organization and provides programming focused on leadership development training for our legislators, supplemented by important policy conversations. The purpose of this event is to provide an opportunity for our legislators to become even more informed policymakers and effective leaders in their respective states, cultivate the next steps for their leadership journey, and facilitate critical policy conversations among our legislative members and partners. 


The BLLL Annual Conference is the key policy-focused meeting for the organization and is designed to explore the most salient policy issues facing our member states. The Conference is one of the nation’s premier Latino legislative conferences bringing together some of the country’s most influential Latino state legislative leaders, policy experts, and industry leaders for a four-day event featuring policy panels, legislative roundtables and group events to discuss innovative solutions to a myriad of national challenges unique to the Latino population. It is this unique environment that sets the BLLL conference in a class of its own and distinguishes itself from other legislative meetings.


The BLLL Leadership Summit and Annual Conference are only open to BLLL legislative members, partners, and speakers. These events provide an incredible opportunity for our network of Latino legislative leaders and organizational partners to pursue the shared vision of the BLLL and to foster substantive solutions to pertinent issues facing our nation. 

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