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Business Advisory Council (BAC) is a group of corporate and community partners from a variety of industries who are committed to the continued success of the BLLL. One of the fundamental goals of the BLLL is to provide a forum of legislative leaders, and business and community leaders to come together to leverage their unique viewpoints, and resources to craft solutions addressing the critical issues facing our nation. It is in this spirit that we value the BAC's mission to provide critical industry perspective on an array of public policy issues, and to assist in the BLLL’s objectives to strengthen our Latino state legislative caucuses and advance smart policy solutions for issues facing our nation. 


The BAC is an integral component of everything we do here at the BLLL, and is a great way for non-legislative members to become actively involved in our work. The BAC holds quarterly conference calls to get updates on pending BLLL activities, provide feedback, work with BLLL members and staff on collaborative projects, and regional meetings for the annual conference. The BLLL recognizes the great work our industry partners do in their local communities. As such, we like to help connect our sponsors’ community projects with our members and their respective constituencies to maximize the value of these community works.

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