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The Latina State Legislative Caucus (LSLC) is a BLLL sub-council dedicated to addressing policies impacting Latinas across the nation and fostering the next generation of Latina legislative leaders. The LSLC is dedicated to empowering Latina legislators and promoting public policy initiatives through leadership training and professional development. Through outreach and mentorship, the LSLC aims to strengthen the pipeline of networks to increase Latina representation in state legislatures.


 In 2010 a group of prominent Latina BLLL members serving in leadership roles in their respective state legislatures convened  to discuss the unique issues facing Latina state legislators and future Latina leaders. These members highlighted the great strides Latina elected officials have made in growing their numbers and expanding their legislative influence at the local, state, and national level. The challenges facing Latinas serving in public office and those seeking public office inspired these pioneering Latina leaders to form the Latina State Legislative Caucus (LSLC).


The LSLC Summit serves as an opportunity for the BLLL’s powerful network of influential Latina state leaders to convene on pertinent public policy issues. The group looks forward to continuing to make history as the first deliberative body of Latina public officials addressing the challenges and issues facing Latinas across the nation. 

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